Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Samut The Tested: Attack and Fetch me my Cohorts."

"Samut The Tested: Attack and Fetch me my Cohorts."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Dissenters be dissenting and Samut be attacking. Yeah. RG is all about the aggro and this new planeswalker can make an early attacker swinging twice or getting the creatures you need for that all out attack. 

In my mind Samut the tested has no other place but a very aggressive deck. One that features a lot creatures that can attack quickly or big creatures that survive clashing with others. Red and Green have her covered in this regard as there are a whole slew of creatures that fit this description.

At 4 mana it would be easy to cast her in the 3 or 4th turn depending on the amount of creatures that you already have on the battlefield. It would be of no good for you if you are able to cast her but have nothing to receive the benefit of her first ability which is a (+1) ability. While you don't really need a target for it you might want to have one since you should be on the offensive with her on your side of the board.

The 2nd ability of Samut is a spot removal effect which you should only use if you already have enough creatures amassed for a massive attack that could end your opponent or basically deal a great ton of damage. Otherwise you should just keep on piling the Loyalty counters on Samut for her Ultimate ability.

Samut's ultimate ability (-7) allows you to look for up to 2 Creatures or 2 Planeswalkers and then put them directly on the battlefield! This is the part of the card that has got me a bit foaming in the mouth as I would love to plop down very big creatures with Annihilator or just have a lot of those planeswalkers. Samut will also fit nicely in my Sultai Red Planeswalker deck so I place her high on my list of cards to acquire.  I see Rhonas and Hazoret being fetched out in Standard or maybe Rhonas and Ulamog? The last pair seems particularly nasty. 

I might build an aggressive deck around her but for my purposes I would rather have her calling Nicol Bolas , Vraska or Garruk , Apex Predator unto the field. Samut the Tested might well be another target of hate in my play groups EDH or Archenemy games when the time comes. 

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