Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Nicol Bolas , God-Pharaoh: The Big Boss is back"

"Nicol Bolas , God-Pharaoh: The Big Boss is back"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Nicol Bolas has finally shown himself and with Hour of Devastation only a few weeks away Wizards of the coast has been whipping up a frenzy like no other..And this new set seems to want to end in that frenzy leading up to Ixilan.

I wanted to talk about the New Nicol Bolas Planeswalker card that would hit us. At a mana cost of 4 colorless mana and Grixis colors the God-Pharaoh will demand his own dedicated deck because let us not kid ourselves by saying that he is easy to cast like Ugin or Karn. Needless to say I see people playing with Nicol Bolas if not in Standard but in EDH or Archenemy decks. I know because I already have plans to include him in my Sultai Red planeswalker deck where he will join the Sleeker version of himself.

With a starting loyalty counter of 7  , Nicol Bolas, God Pharaoh can instantly affect the battlefield as he enters. This new Bolas has 4 abilities that befit his new status. And oh boy is he just dishing out a whole bucket full of hurt.  

His first ability(+2) makes a target opponent exile the top card of his or her library until they reveal a non-land card and until the end of turn you may cast this revealed card without paying for it's mana cost.

With his mana cost , the God Pharaoh will be appearing late in the game where you can probably finish off an opponent with this first skill. It is a Mind funeral after all and when there are less spells to exile there are increased chances of ending a player there and then. Or you might find yourself getting a really good card like a mass removal. Chances are though you would be Mind Funeraling someone to a Library death before you can kill them with a creature. 

His second ability(+1) affects all opponents facing you which makes them exile 2 cards from their hands. EDH players would rejoice as they disrupt late game shenanigans and probably remove any threats for an all out attack.Archenemy players would welcome this in their decks as well.(I would)

His 3rd ability(-4) is a massive slap to the face of a player or creature. There are only a few creatures to survive a 7 damage blow. And if a player has been taking incremental damage this 7 damage swing could mean the end as well. Way to go. Bolas Chop! Or Bolas Uppercut! However you imagine him swinging those massive claws.

The God-Pharaoh's Ultimate ability (-12) gives you Final Judgement of sorts for all non-land permanents your opponents control. All of them. Planeswalkers , Enchantments , Artifacts and Creatures all gone in a flash. While still having lands makes a comeback possible. Nicol Bolas and his minions will take those odds. So much for all the set up if you let this dragon get his ultimate.

I am excited to have this card in my ever growing planeswalker collection and he really has a place for my archenemy deck so I am hoping to open this in my first packs in the PR week. So what do you think of the God-Pharaoh? A bit strong? A bit watered down?

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