Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Rhythm Traps"

"Rhythm Traps"
Virigilio F. De leon Jr. MD

My body is moving on it's own when I hear that beat
the one you make with your mood.
And it spreads just a little more brightness
in this ever spreading gloom

There are things that I keep and I act cool
but around you it seems I never could
It frustrates me that you know all my moves
and you smile when I try to them all on you

So I dance around you and sing that song
trying to coax that smile from your lips again
I am saying baby please just one more for me
And it excites me when you oblige

So we are trapped in this rhythm
And I cant think of no one better to be with
And as we sway to the sound
You say that you feel the same.

04/17/2017 Sykes Shaw 500

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