Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Pauper Kings: Molten Red Kaladesh"

"Pauper Kings: Molten Red Kaladesh"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Today's pauper deck is brought to you by the idea that Artifacts popping into play sparks Reckless Fireweaver and he kind of spits one damage to each of your opponents. 

Pretty nifty to have a lot of artifacts to put on the battlefield then. And with the Metal core that I have wanted to build around there will never be a shortage of metal bits to throw your opponents way.

In fact there are a total of 20 artifacts in this deck or simply translated that is 1 point of damage from the Reckless Fireweaver. There are actually 24 artifacts that may come into play if you are able to activate the Cogworker's puzzleknot. You could easily do it with the Prophetic Prism of course.

22 x Mountains

4 x Foundry Assembler
4 x Reckless Fireweaver
4 x Sweatworks Brawler
4 x Salivating Gremlins
16 Creatures

4 x Shock
4 x Welding Sparks
8 Spells

4 x Cogworker's Puzzleknot
4 x Metalspinner's Puzzleknot
4 x Prophetic Prism
2 x Universal Solvent
14 Artifacts

To round out the creatures on this deck that really cares about artifacts that come into play I also have the Salivating Gremlins that becomes an enormous 4/3 when an artifact comes into play on your side of the board. 

I also have 2 creatures that have Improvise in the deck the 3/3 Sweatworks Brawler and Foundry Assembler. The latter is also a creature that can interact with the Gremlin and Fireweaver.

Of course a red deck would not be complete without some burn and just as a little insurance you have Shock to take care of blockers or just simply shooting someone in the face with. Welding Sparks just takes care of creatures from mid to late game.

So the plan is to have the Gremlin or Fireweaver in play. Attack or Ping. Either one will do the job.

So what do you think of Molten Red Kaladesh? Would you be playing it soon? I know I will.

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