Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Ms. Grundy of Riverdale: Not your parents Ms. Grundy"

"Ms. Grundy of Riverdale: Not your parents Ms. Grundy"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

One of the things that I scanned through in Netflix was the sexy reboot of the Archie franchise now called Riverdale. When I say sexy it seems like everyone seems like they would be sleeping with each other and all the "weird and ugly people" from the comics have been transformed into the Fxxxable versions of themselves. The main characters are rather dark and have more than their share of teenage problems. Far from the happy go lucky crew of the paper version. Even the grown ups seem to be about rolling in bed. Mr. Andrews , Archies rotund balding dad for example has been transformed into a buff older red head who has had a romance in the past with Veronica's now MILF mode mother.

I can probably handle all of that but there is one thing that still bothers me to no end and that is the hot teacher Man eater version of Ms. Grundy who is actually having an affair with every ones favorite carrot top. 

I mean from the old white haired , needle nosed , thin woman who on most occasions is the victim of Archie and his gangs harmless yet fun pranks or unintended problems into the music teacher that probably has a waiting list that goes on for months. 

I have still not watched the show or any parts that have Ms. Grundy and Archie making out because as an older fan of the comics I find myself cringing at the thought. My wife laughs at my discomfort. I mean Ms. Grundy is someone you run to for advise about the world not someone you run to for worldly experience.

And Hollywood would probably continue the reboot of older ladies like what they did with Aunt May by casting Marisa Tomei. While visually pleasing I rather think that the old women should not be replaced as their characters play an integral role in developing the main leads.

In Archie's case in Riverdale Ms. Grundy seems to be developing a rather side of him. A younger me would peek. The old me still cringes because I still see the old wise face of the previous character. 

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