Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Hating this Laze inducing Heat"

"Hating this Laze inducing Heat"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

When I was young I hated the heat just for the thing that it was. I hated being in the sun , being baked by it , colored a crispy brown by it and being blinded by it when I woke up late during this supposedly Lazy April Month.

However I now have another reason to hate being in the heat. It was not long when my mom joined our maker in a blazing morning like this. And the heat brings back those memories of being in the Fatima ER , seeing her being revived and seeing her lifeless. April should have been a more relaxing month even with me being in the mercy of the sun but there is nothing that I could do about these memories coming back.

Last Saturday since all of the other food establishments were closed I was happy that I go to buy breakfast at Shakey's because it was literally just below the clinic that I worked for in Shaw Boulevard. I was enjoying the breakfast with my family when I realized that the last meal that I shared with mom was the same Seafood Marinara Pasta before she went home to Odiongan for the last time.

My family is very sensitive to me when they see me sad and I was instantly comforted by them. I am lucky in this way because I did not have to face my sadness alone. Time they say will heal all this  , not to forget how my mom was but ease the pain of her loss but I guess April will always be a bitter sweet month for me from now on.

We could take care of the heat by not going out or going out at night but there is sadly nothing I can do about the memories of that hot morning.

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