Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Midweek Magic 2017 #10: An Archenemy win at last!

Midweek Magic 2017 #10: An Archenemy win at last!
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

We have been talking for weeks about reserving a corner room right next to the clinic so that we could have a place all to ourselves as the pantry does seem to get crowded on certain days and hours.

So we finally got one and it came on Thursday , the last possible day that I could play in Eton Centris. Since there was 4 of us in Ram , Pao and Vio. We had our third session of Archenemy, I still forgot to ask what expansion we were using.

Now since I run the only deck with control my fate is that I usually am the first to die. This night would be different. Pao would be running a deck that featured 2/3 vampires and Vio would be running a Black/Red Eldrazi deck that wanted to burn and attack. It featured the (in my book) very awesome enchantment  Molten Nursery along side pingers like Nettle drone and a whole host of Eldrazi.

Ram would be the designated Archenemy , still running his favorite Brain in a Jar deck that abused cards like Beck/Call and Far/Away as well Lingering Spirits and hand decimating cards like Despise and Duress. It also had a single Elesh Norn who was so awesome as a board wipe that she was all it took to beat us in the first round.

The second round of Archenemy however proved to be Ram's downfall , you see he knew the kind of pressure he would be facing since he created the two decks I was fighting with. Pao provided what seemed like an endless swarm of vampires and Vio would ping any tokens that dared land on the other side of the battlefield.

Jeng Beleren for the win!
These guys bought me time. I helped along by allowing an extra draw with Jace Beleren in play and given enough time we were able to mill out Ram's deck for our first group win. Historical? For us yeah. It means that there is a certain game play that you need to have in order to win. Oh and that reminds me to include something to remove Elesh Norn next time.

Great Job guys. More games in the future!

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