Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Midweek Magic 2017 #1: Eldrazi Hangover"

"Midweek Magic 2017 #1: Eldrazi Hangover"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I spent part of my holiday enjoying MTG: Puzzle quest in part because I did not want to go out and I was kind of drained to spend on any cards. My wife looked at me as I trudged to the various missions of the gem matching game , gems that fueled out your creatures and spells. I was happy getting notifications like "A booster pack is waiting for you." I mean psychologically as a magic player that is enough to put a smile on your face. Free booster? Yeah I am already there.

I am digressing with my intro but if you play enough missions in MTG Puzzle quest you will get to meet the frustrating matches with the Eldrazi where they prove to be utterly powerful and it would take some planning for you to win. It is with this frustration of the Eldrazi that I entered the year 2017.

So in the first week of the year we almost did not have enough games because all of my playgroup members in HP Eton were swamped with work but on my last day of duty for that week Janry was determined that we did not start the year without a game. And lo and behold my frustration with the Eldrazi came back as he played a Urzatron version that had Both New Ulamog's and Kozileks seeing action because the Urzatron lands always came online early. I just had to shake my head at the thought that even in real life the Eldrazi were unshakable and utterly hard to beat. Even if these two were dead in the story they didn't feel dead as Janry smashed me in the face with both of them. So much for being dead.

I did appreciate being able to play again though and maybe next time I can finally beat these Eldrazi once and for all. I could only be as lucky. 

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