Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Magus of the Will: Inflicting Torment"

"Magus of the Will: Inflicting Torment"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Torment. Just one look at this guy and you know that what he represents is Torment. I meant his mask of course that looks like a Theros Zombie Mask but the odd thing is that this is merely a Human Wizard so it might not be from that plane.

For a creature that is 3/3 and cost 3 mana he can be an early fatty bringing in pain but where he truly shines is in the end games when you get to exploit a resource that is normally within your reach.Your Graveyard. (Unless you use Dredge, Delve or Flashback or Have a Sedraxis.)

How convenient that you could exile the Magus of the Will for 3 mana and until end of turn you may play cards from your graveyard. You need to pay their mana costs but heck this makes all of your spells available to you.

If you are a reanimator and no longer have a reanimation spell in hand but have a full graveyard after a board sweep then you could cast an Animate dead from your full graveyard to get back a nasty creature on your side of the board. Sheoldred seems to be a fan favorite or maybe a Bladewing the Risen , Returning Rorix Bladewing , Returning a Bladewings thrall in tow and oh...a prized Amalgam. (Assuming you are playing Grixis colors or a Whiteless Commander deck like Yidris.)

Since this is an ability that can be played at any time. Blue Black players it they need to could have access to a crucial Counter spell that would otherwise be beyond reach. 

Grixis players could play a discarded Nicol Bolas planeswalker card in the GY. Play a land if they have not done so. Have access to artifacts , card drawers , you name it.

And the only draw back is that if a card would be put in a graveyard this turn it is exiled instead. Such a small price if you are going for the kill on this turn right? 

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