Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Duelist's Heritage: Finishers Touch"

"Duelist's Heritage: Finishers Touch"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

How often have you seen this scenario in an EDH game?:
A player attacks an opponent and miscalculates and that same opponent lives another turn to exact a punishing blow that eliminates his previous attacker.

Probably more than once I would bet. EDH games can be very punishing to those who do not vanquish their enemies when they are supposed to. Normally the one opponent players are trying to eliminate are the strongest or deemed the biggest threat so it makes sense that a concerted effort is done to aid in this endeavor. 

Now if there was only a way that could help you deal more damage:

Not that card. Although that card helps but I want something more modern.

There you go. Now when a player attacks one of your mutual threats you could give one of his or her attacking creatures double strike. Don't forget to give a knowing wink and motion ever so subtle at the 3 mana enchantment that so happens to be on your side of the battlefield.

Oh and if it is your turn to eliminate that former ally the same enchantment could aid you as well.A political card as well as a possible finisher.Now give that wink and hopefully you are not the threat that everyone is going to attack.

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