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"Hoody feat. Jinbo - By your side MV reaction: On the afterlife side"

"Hoody feat. Jinbo - By your side MV reaction: On the afterlife side"
The Vole

Hoody is probably what you would call the RnB princess of AOMG. The CEO Jay Park has lots of queens but there will always be one princess. Hoody reminds of Ashanti during that time in the early 2000's when rappers were lining up to have her in their songs to do vocals but then again the similarities just end there.Because Hoody is still in the here and now.

This song would make you want to dance and when I first heard it the first image that popped in my head was that of blonde pigtailed roller skating girls that were in skating rink dancing to the beat as the skated round and round. The song is catchy and upbeat and makes you want to put on a pair of roller blades for some reason.

The MV on the other side speaks of darker things. Right off the bath you hear the sound of flames as a Jeep remains burning in the middle of dusty road. All the while panning to Hoody still wearing long sleeve knitted sweater and a scarf. The dead must really be cold.And you wonder if Hoody made it alive somehow or she is just a ghost relieving this experience.

The video then shifts to Hoody with 3 other people , one of which acts as her boyfriend  , a person who I assume is Jinbo who wants to be her boyfriend judging by the way he keeps on stealing glances and that look that he wants to smash face with her so badly.(Effective acting). And a female friend who is oblivious to the fact that they will all die at the end of the video.

This has some drone shots of the group sort of driving to some Marsh Flats , sort of not muddy and solid in some parts(where they were running around) and some parts that would probably swallow you whole if you are not careful where you are running to. And my imaginations just goes to the part of Lord of the Rings where Gollum is leading Sam and Frodo to some of the same Marsh Flats and Ghosts stare at the from the water. Only these shots are in the daytime and the drone captures the light brown reeds in great perfection. 

Around 2 minutes into the MV the group now decides to camp out in the same marsh flats and I was thinking why camp out there near a swamp that probably has gigantic mosquitos? And with what I have been reading the mosquitoes in Korea are huge. Oh well. So the MV turns a little word when Hoody looks at her companions and blood comes running down their faces. Oblivious Female friend leads them all into some strange dancing.Strange because you don't see any music equipment , not even a phone for music so they are just dancing like bloody fools to nothing. All the time blood is on everyone's faces.Except for Hoody. She might have a thing against blood.I'm not sure.

So then finally we see that Mr. Jinbo and his constant looking at Hoody and his boyfriend is the reason why everyone is dead.He totally missed that truck that came at them at fullspeed from some turn in the middle of nowhere. And for some reason Hoody and said BF hold hands in the afterlife and Jinbo is still dead in the jeep. 

Hmmmmm. I wonder why that is? And oblivious female friend is gone.Not even a body.Hmmm.

My favorite part of the MV is when a too obviously dead Jinbo and Hoody BF start mouthing "Shake it. Shake it." Check it out. Lots of dead fun times.


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