Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Pauper Kings: Red Pauper Sligh 2016"

"Pauper Kings: Red Pauper Sligh 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

It has been awhile since I made a Standard Pauper deck and after checking all of the Standard legal sets I tried to cram in as much low mana costing cards in this deck. This was written before Kaladesh but even if this set is almost out now I felt like the deck is much faster in it's current configuration.

So do you like low casting creatures? Do you like smashing face as early as you can? Then this might be a deck for you:

20 x Mountains

4 x Mage Ring Bully
4 x Sanguinary Mage
4 x Insolent Neonate
4 x Bold Impaler
4 x Bellowing Lizard 
20 Creatures

4 x Titan's Strength
4 x Tormenting Voice
4 x Expedite
4 x Infectious Bloodlust
4 x Fiery Impulse 
20 Spells

4 x Fiery Temper 

Mage Ring Bully and Sanguinary Mage are the main attackers of this deck because of their built in Prowess. There are 12 other 1 drop creatures here that could also attack early and Insolent Neonate could also be a card drawer when you are in a jam and can't attack a clogged up battlefield.

As I have pointed out earlier the Prowess creatures are the one's that you really want attacking here because they greatly benefit from the other half of this deck which consists of Instants , Sorceries and an Aura. Another point to consider when playing this deck is to always replenish your hand. Titan's Strength can pump up a creature and set up your next draw. Tormenting Voice and Expedite are cards that allow you draw more so that you could trigger your prowess creatures more. Fiery Impulse is the probably the only creature removal as most of the time you would have your creatures powering through. Infectious Bloodlust is a very great card that powers your creatures and in the sad event that it dies you get the chance to look for your library for a copy of Infectious Bloodlust and put it into your hand replacing the one that you just lost to the graveyard.

I may not have the chance to field test this deck but I am guessing that this will be one of the speedier Standard Pauper builds out there. There are copies of several 1 mana costing  cards that I did not use for the deck but feel free to tweak it a bit to make it faster or to suit your taste. 

Thanks for reading and long live Pauper!

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