Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Inventors' Fair": On Metal crafting and Fetching."

"Inventors' Fair": On Metal crafting and Fetching."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The first card I ever saw during the Kaladesh PR last sunday was my PR foil card. It was the Inventor's Fair. Was I disappointed that it was not a Masterpiece or a Planeswalker instead? Not really. Well maybe just a little but being a Phyrexian I loved that the first card I ever saw was the thing that set the plane of Kaladesh apart from all the others. The Inventors' Fair is a haven for new artifacts to be born and it gives off a very positive feeling. A very welcoming feeling. A place of possibilities. A place ready for Compleation. Oh wait sorry about that.

During the PR this legendary land was awesome. It has a similar condition as artifacts in the plane of Mirrodin. Something that we call metalcraft where you have to have 3 artifacts to have the effects of something. In this case this land looks for your metalcraft or if you have 3 artifacts during your upkeep and you gain 1 life. This is perfect for artifact decks that love to spew out other creature artifacts or just decks with a lot of artifacts in general. 

It gives you one colorless mana in the early parts of the game but it really shines when you are in a pinch and you need to look for a specific artifact in your deck. All you need is 4 mana and metalcraft to be online.And for you to sacrifice the land.

This is perfect for a Braids Conjurer Adept EDH deck where you sacrifice it at the end of an opponents turn and you have a really big artifact ready to be cast for free in your hand. Need to destroy something? Spine of Ish Sah. Need an Infect win? Blightsteel colossus. Need to destroy some lands? Sundering titan...Oh wait I think he is banned. Need to control your opponents turn? Mindslaver it is.

So why am I just a little disappointed that I did not get any planeswalker or a Masterpiece card? I was welcomed to the one place where Phyrexians would thrive the most in the distant future.The Inventors' Fair in the plane of Kaladesh.


Editors Note:
I would like to apologize to all my opponents during the Kaladesh PR in Spiral Valenzuela for not having Metalcraft at times but still using the fetch ability of the Inventors' Fair. Masyadong naging excited at di ko na nacheck. Kaya from the bottom of my heart. Sorry.

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