Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Thalia's Lancers:Point us to the Way."

"Thalia's Lancers:Point us to the Way."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The game of EDH normally has very expensive tutors , cards that allow you to pluck a particular card from your deck and depending on the card , put it into your hand , unto the battlefield , to your graveyard or even on top of your library.

These cards have become expensive over time and have been the object of many players must have lists driving the tutor prices even higher even with the release of the highly anticipated Eternal Masters  , tutors still seem to hover in the high prices.

The printing of Thalia's Lancers comes at an excellent time since this is the kind of card that has great interactions with various cards but I am mainly excited about how this card responds to blinking effects and Brago , King Eternal.

So let us first examine this card which has a 3 colorless mana and 2 white mana cost ,  is a First striking 4/4 Human Knight that also manages to pull Legendary cards from your deck. 

Imagine being able to pull off your combos by getting the Legendary pieces that you need may it be a Land , Enchantment , Creature , Artifact all except for planeswalkers since there are specific cards that were printed to tutor this specific card type like Call the Gatewatch.

Since Planewalkers are not legendary you would not be able to search for them using the Lancer but there is an exception and these are the 5 Origins planeswalkers like Liliana , Heretical healer that start off as legendary creatures and need a condition to be met so that they could "ignite their spark" and become Planewalkers. Imagine having access to Origins Planeswalkers when the lancer enters the battlefield.

Many have commented that the Lancer is slow for EDH games then again no one is in a hurry in EDH games and the long drawn out games allows you to take advantage of the lancers ETB effect. Unlike Instants or Sorceries that only allow you to tutor once you could blink the Lancers again and again using cards like Restoration Angel or Brago , Elemental King. Every time you blink it and it returns that is one more legendary card that is put in your hand. Deadeye Navigator and this card can be best friends as well.As In Soulbound friends. You can blink it at a cost 2 mana and there is no need to attack like with Brago.

"Let's Volt in!"

So what do you have access to? How about any of the Theros gods or the Oaths.Any of the Kamigawa Hondens? Artifacts like Mindslaver and even the Kaldra artifacts that allows you to summon and then  volt them all in and summon Kaldra ( who died so easily under Memnarchs hands that I could just cry).

In standard I expect the lancers to tutor out Any of the two Brisela , The Voice of Nightmares pieces. Or if you really need her you can summon Thalia herself and a whole host of Legendary creatures that could help you win.

Many will point to the casting cost of this card as a major deterrent as to why some players would not want to use it. In conclusion the possibility of renewable tutoring and even thinning out your deck in the process is a great draw(pardon the pun).Plus you might not know what to do with all of the legendary cards that would be in your hand. 

As for being a creature a 4/4 first striker would always come in handy in the long run.It takes care of anything that doesn't have a toughness of 5.

I already have one but I am still deciding into which EDH deck it would go.Thanks for reading and keep on brewing. 

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