Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Sik-K - Rendezvous MV reaction - Staring all you want"

"Sik-K - Rendezvous MV reaction - Staring all you want"
The Vole

Have you ever seen a couple on a date? Chances are if you have been out and about for the last couple of years you might see a sweet couple just having a fun date and if you are a guy you might notice the hot girlfriend and begin to stare and then forget that you have been staring a little bit too intently.
And the girl gets uncomfortable and tells the boyfriend who promptly talks to you about your non-stop staring at his sexy girlfriend and you ignore him because you don't really know how to interact with people and then you get punched in the face on the strong suspicion that you are a perv.

No this is not a real life experience of mine but the point of this whole intro is to ask the question how long can you stare at another dude's girlfriend and not get punched in the face? Apparently if you watched Sik-K's latest video Rendezvous you could stare all you want and not meet the rappers ire at all. 

The video features rumored real life couple Rapper Sik-K and latest Bagel girl( Baby face with Glamour body , that's what it means I kid you not) Kim Hee Jung , a former child actress who has reemerged as a model/actress of hot proportions for YG.  

The chorus goes:
"I'm the one that needs your love
Just me and you
Let's have a rendezvous.

There are a lot of intimate moments here that follows the title , Rendezvous. And this is just that  , two people having fun , spending time in a pool/jacuzzi , going clubbing , playing in an arcade. The song is very very catchy and Sik-K's rapping will hook you. There are very sweet moments here if you are into that and then there is Kim Hee Jung  which I am sure you are into as well. So go ahead and stare. Sik-K won't mind. You could just die of envy for all he cares.

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