Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"San E - Like an Airplane MV reaction"

"San E - Like an Airplane MV reaction"
The Vole

San E is a korean rapper and I was introduced to his work via one video called Like an airplane.

Now there are two MV versions of this song. The normal version where it features San E chilling in the park among tall housing projects surrounded by his all male friends until they reach the hotel where the girl he was talking to in the beginning of the MV lives.

Then there is the "boring" version which you will find by typing in Juicy Candy X San E on youtube. Nothing to see in this video except for two girls who are in a hotel room doing really mundane things like waking each other up a bit too vigorously , brushing their teeth while singing to the song , choosing clothes for each other , laughing at a joke that we could not hear over the music. Stuff like that. Nothing much to see really.

It has been said that Korean videos always draw a line between sexy and things that are beyond sexy.Ff you would look at 33 seconds into the boring version of this song you would see that line perfectly. Perfectly.

Kidding aside I have this song on loop and I cannot complain because it has the simple and fun message of lets have fun and let your friends be my friends. The beats are simple and catchy and I often find myself singing Haengi Haengi that someone asked me. "We just ate what the hell are you hungry for?"

Times like that I sigh and wish I could fly away like an airplane.

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