Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Kisum - 2 Beer - MV reaction"

"Kisum - 2 Beer - MV reaction"
The Vole

Kisum is a 22 year old female rapper who participated in several rap competitions in South Korea.I have not watched her in action before but one day I saw one of her videos for 2 beer appear on my suggested pages. I clicked and instantly liked her song.

The first part of the song is the chorus which goes:

Two Beer that feels just good
I can't go to the second round
I have to go out at 5 tomorrow morning
I have so many many many things to do...

So like Japan , Korea is knonw to have an after work Drinking culture where co-workers hang out to get to know each other better. Here , Kisum is saying that she 2 beer is great and enough for me. I can't go to the 2nd round( these sessions really last for as long as the one leading it allows) because she needs to wake up at 5am. She politely excuses herself and that reason is that she has a lot of things to do.

Yes. She really has a lot of things to do and based on the MV for the song some of them are the following:

1) Walking slowly while going up to an apartment complex.
2) Walking slowly while going through a tunnel and railroads.
3) Walking slowly while having a gorgeous view of the Han River and the traffic that eventually builds up on the bridge behind her.
4) Walking slowly while going through a derelict playground in the middle of nowhere.
5) Walking slowly while going past a moss covered dam that is blurred in the background.

Based on this the character that she portrays here loves to just hang around in places where only fierce pretty rap stars hang out. Don't get me wrong here I love this MV because of its simplicity , just Kisum walking with the occasional pink smoke for effect. The shots are effective in conveying her journey and this song is just perfect for those times that you want to drive or walk alone with its catchy basslines and well placed trumpets that paint an ear delicious cityscape feel. 

Not to mention that Kisum has fierce eyes and that contrasting helpless mode when she wants to convey it. The song says that Kisum wants to have a world of her own and with the way that she walks she calmly claims where she is at just like that.

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