Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Monster Haikus 1 "

"Monster Haiku's  1 "
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

So one day I found myself rhyming and typing and so the first part of the monster Haiku's. Until the next time my muse hits me with something that is.

"The Succubus Kiss"

It was so much bliss.
Until it was no longer
This caused by your kiss.

"The Sirens Song"

I fell into the trance
You calling me to the rocks
My ship meeting shore

"Frankenstein's Son"

The Lighting Struck it.
Howled defiance to the Wind
Yes , It is Alive!

"Melisandre's Child"

In the Darkness Born
The Shadow Comes forth Alone
The Red Woman Moans

Kapre's Choice

It Asked For A light
Up the Tree in it's right hand
The Lit Tobacco


Editors Note: I do not own Succubus - Morelia.