Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Arlinn Kord:Feeling A Little Wolfish"

"Arlinn Kord:Feeling A Little Wolfish"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Finally the werewolves have their very own planeswalker in the form of Arlinn Kord. So what does this new planeswalker bring to the table and why you should play here to make your wolves all the more deadlier.

For 4 mana you get to see the pre flip side of Arlinn and you have two choices when you do get to play here. Her first ability lets you make an existing creature bigger.Not only that the said creature gains vigilance and haste! Now imagine an already big werewolf(and there are tons of them in this block) getting an additional +2/+2! Other creatures like Wolf of Devils breach could attack the turn it was played! 

Her second initial ability just goes to show how easy it easy for her to slip into something more comfortable , her wolf form. She does so by summoning a 2/2 Wolf and you could transform her as well. In comparison to Garruk , The Veil Cursed this is a transformation that happens more smoothly. With an initial Loyalty counter of 3 the 2/2 Wolf Arlinn Summons could go a long way in protecting her so that you could use her Transformed Skills in your next turn.

Looking at the Sleek Arlinn , Embraced by the Moon you see that she is ready for the offensive with the +1/+1 and trample on all creatures you control. This could close out games when you already have the right pieces on the board , mainly werewolves who are hungry to attack. 

Another great ability is the -1 second ability that lets deal 3 damage to target player or creature. This is perfect for finishing a player who is already low on life or taking care of annoying blocker who might mess up with your damage calculations. The draw back is that you slip back into human form. So make sure that it is worth your time to use this ability.

The -6 ability is really A Better Fight Mechanic on an Emblem. I like this version better because your creatures get to swipe at both players and opposing creatures alike. The great thing about this is that they could tap at the end of turns to kill on opponent or in EDH you could threaten to kill other players at instant speed.

I really like Arlinn Kord. Keeping my fingers crossed. Here's hoping that I am still lucky in Innistrad like I was last time with a Tamiyo in the PR and a Liliana of the Veil from a fatpack. Let's go werewolves!  

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