Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Loreseekers Stone: Abusing The Sire of Insanity lock"

"Loreseekers Stone: Abusing The Sire of Insanity lock"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

What would be worse than becoming a mindless lunatic and being initiated into the Cult of Rakdos against your will? This is the question I have asked myself every time I find myself a victim of the Rakdos demon Sire of Insanity. 

Imagine playing a round table EDH game where the Sire of Insanity is at dead center and you constantly lose your hand at each end step. You literally run out of options as you are reduced to just 1 card draw per turn. It is not a pretty sight. Players often trying to topdeck hoping for a removal to take care of the oppressive feeling that the Sire makes for everyone. 

Now imagine that you are reduced to just getting one card per turn and one of your opponents plops this on the battlefield. 

Yup. A freaking Loreseeker's stone. This was something my friend ST was able to pull. 3 colorless mana for 3 cards. You could just imagine the kind of advantage that gives you when you have a Sire of Insanity in play.Normally this is a clunky card drawer but in this situation the added cost of 1 mana of any color is negligible. You and everyone else has an empty mind begging to be filled but only you get the advantage.

So if you are drawing 4 cards while your opponents draw 1 per turn. You could just see the math and almost all of them calling for a reset and gearing up for the next time the Sire rears its ugly head again.

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