Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Ladies Code - Galaxy - Bass Delicious"

"Ladies Code - Galaxy - Bass Delicious"
The Vole

I was a bit hesitant to listen to this particular comeback song. I only found out about Ladies Code after a lot of discussion online about their Road Accident that led to the death of their 2 members. I felt a bit sad to know of a girl group through such tragic news. I wanted to watch their old videos but I found it a bit too sad so I did not. So when I heard that the remaining members were making a comeback a part of me was happy because despite the sad loss they are going to move on with their lives.

The theme of this video is triangles. We get it. They are trying to establish that they will be a triumvirate from now on ,  That Sojung , Zuny and Ashley will remain and be strong. Since this is the first song that I will be hearing from Ladies code I kept an open mind. And I enjoyed myself. The ladies seemed like echoes  , distant and ethereal while lulling you into a state of peace with this song. Also featured are some of the best bass lines that I have listened to in a awhile. Galaxy is probably the only song that I have heard recently that makes me want to take up playing Bass guitar again. The scaling and riffs are addictive as the song progresses. The deep resonance of the bass elevating the already ethereal qualities of the Ladies Code Vocalists.

One can still feel a bit of sadness but I for one am happy that they are up and about and back in the game. Carrying the torch so to speak for the fallen. And making sure that they are never forgotten.


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