Thursday, March 31, 2016

"In my Land:Sample Chapter"

"In my Land:Sample Chapter"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Where are the lights of the west? The Wall of the east? the stranger asked them.

what the hell are you talking about?

The refineries and the Natural gas extracting plants in the west give off a light that you could see even here in manila and why are you talking to me in Tagalog only? where is your Uni Translator?

Uni translator? (even more weird questions)

The Uni translator allows us to speak in the languages that we normally interact with. It was enacted that each child by the age of 7 would have an implant that would allow them to learn languages more efficiently and to better allow them to talk to other nationalities. Since the Philippines has very deep Western Spanish Roots and Eastern Influences like China and Japan aside from our Malay genes we have incorporated that into our language and culture. why am I even lecturing you on this every child by the age of 10 is familiar with this.

Listen buddy you are not making sense. Are you some sort of Chinese spy? With the tensions building up between the Philippines and china its not unheard of to send people like you?

Chinese spy? what the hell are you talking about? The Chinese are our allies! Since we were able to resolve the issue of spratlys and the Senkaku islands for them we have been trading with them for hundreds of years.

Hundred of years? How the hell did the Philippines resolve that issue when china has been bullying us for years?

Simple. We bought the islands and put Military installations on them.

And china didn't get mad at that?

Get mad? we were looking after their best assets in that region of Asia. We made the wall in the East Philippine sea so that there would be no dispute and divided the profits after drilling the sea. 

Huh? Where did we get the money for that? 

By all the natural gas profits from the Natural Gas and Oil mines in the East Phil sea of course. We own the latest drilling techs and refineries.

He just had to whistle at that. "You are one crazy person Sir"

Me? You haven't even brought me to the nearest Balanggay? I demand to see a Sultan!

Like the ones in Mindanao? 

No. The South doesn't have sultans anymore since the Babaylans took over and demanded that all the South that hasn't been touched by technology be converted into Nature Farms and Shrines for the Anitos.

The Sultans agreed to this transfer reasoning that they would have bigger lands and be closer to the technological action up here in the North and besides there is a lot more space here since the Spires could accommodate thousands when relocated.

Now that is nuts. The Philippines and its politicians simply wont allow that to happen.

Politicians? There are none of those since a singular government already takes care of the whole nation. One of Holo Meeting is all it takes and they are on top of things. I am really confused. Where is your holo wall so I could just contact the Balanggay myself.

More puzzles from this man. What else is he not telling us?

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