Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Ugin , The Spirit Dragon: Jackpot 777"

"Ugin , The Spirit Dragon: Jackpot 777"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Much has been said about the Dragon Planeswalker Ugin and his role in the Eldrazi entrapment. How much his disappearance has reshaped Tarkir into what it is now and now with his return the future alternate timeline that features the dominance of the Dragons of Tarkir.

Me I am just excited to see a new 8 colorless mana Dragon Planeswalker in print. A new planeswalker that holds new possibilities. In contrast with Nicol Bolas which has the same mana cost with the Grixis colors(U/B/R) , Ugin , The Spirit Dragon is a much easier planeswalker to cast and while having just one more mana than Karn , Liberated it should hold a place in a lot of EDH decks that could power out massive amounts of Mana in an instant or decks that could put it directly into play. A deck that has Narset at the helm perhaps, the holidays have been really great for Narset and she is getting a lot of goodies to play with this year. I mean she could also possibly play a Planeswalker version of herself too! Won't that be weird? You actually get to summon yourself to fight for yourself. 

Getting back to Ugin , The Spirit Dragons first ability we see a built in Ghostfire(a colorless spell that deals 3 damage to target creature or player). Since our planeswalker dragon is colorless it also circumnavigates the traditional hindrances to Burn spells like Protection from Red. Anything with 3 toughness or less dies! The 3 damage could also be used to take down opposing planeswalkers loyalty counters. All of that and you get a +2. A step in the right direction in getting the Ugin Jackpot ability.

While Ugin , The Spirit Dragon's first ability is a pinpoint removal , his second ability is a tricky mass removal spell that promises to eliminate at least all creatures or permanents with 7 mana casting cost and has one or more colors. This planeswalker starts off with 7 loyalty points and reminiscent of Chandra Nalaars second ability you would have to pay X loyalty counters to feed the second ability. There is a limit to the power of Ugins Mass removal however. Creatures that cost 8 mana or more are unaffected as well as the colorless creatures such as Morph creatures and those that were created with Manifest in this standard environment.Colorless Artifact creatures,Colorless token creatures , Eldrazi Scions and Eldrazi Brood lines as well as Lands especially Manlands. They  also escape unscathed if you plan to use Ugin in your EDH decks. Other than these drawbacks all the rest gets wiped clean from the face of the battlefield. You could then swoop in with your colorless trio of Mutavaults , Inkmoth and Blinkmoth Nexuses. Goodbye other permanents. Hello Manland attackers.

Ugin , The Spirit Dragon's Ultimate ability lets you gain 7 life , Draw 7 cards and put 7 permanents into the battlefield from your hand. The jackpot on a slot machine! The ultimate ability could be used 3 turns after Ugin comes into play , 2 if you have The Chain Veil with you. 7 life gives a little cushion especially if you are already in the red , drawing 7 cards replenishes your hand and 7 permanents landing on the battlefield hopefully turns the tide in your favor. I imagine drawing the 3 Eldrazi Brood , Darksteel Colossus , Blightsteel Colossus , Urabrask, the Hidden and Craterhoof Behemoth and having them land and attacking on the battlefield...

(Pardon me , my inner Timmy is recovering from its palpitations)

Ugin , The Spirit Dragon I am glad I opened a pack with you in it. Now it's time to see if I can pull off the Ugin Jackpot 777.

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