Friday, October 30, 2015

"Drowner of Hope: Living up to its name"

"Drowner of Hope: Living up to its name"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

With it's .49 cent price tag on or as the price translate to us here in the Philippines...Bebebente! , Drowner of Hope really lives up to its name when you get two of it in a single fatpack or even two of it in a box. It literally drowns your hopes of getting a decent rare or an expedition land. Kinda like that time I opened my BFZ fatpack and got 2 Ugins Insights! or that last Magic:Origins fatpack that yielded Not one , but two Hixus, Prison Warden. I keep hearing Bebebente every time I open a rare like this one. Still hasn't stopped.

Seriously though Drowner of Hope is not really all that bad.(Or maybe I am just making it sound like its isn't bad so that it would raise in stock value by 5 pesos. And then I would have to yell out Bebebente singko!) . Yes  there are a few things that go against it like it being colorless but having blue in that 6 mana cost. And the fact that you have to use Eldrazi Scions to use its tapping ability. So much for all those Eldrazi Spawns you wont be able to use here. Drowner of Hope is an Elitist , He likes Scions and doesn't much like mingling with Spawns. Booo. 

Anyway off to the good points that Drowner of Hope has. Hmmmmm....
Kidding. It's a solid 5/5 for 6 mana(one blue in there) that comes with its own pair of Eldrazi Scions. It gets lonely alone so it has to enter the battlefield with 2 of those guys. It probably gets even lonelier when it decides to throw away those two Eldrazi Scions towards an opposing big creatures face , tapping them in the process. The loneliness passes quickly as it deals 5 unopposed damage and the best part is that he doesn't die. (Insert Drowner of Hopes laughter here)

To make the Drowner of Hope even more palatable you could Imprint this guy to your Mimic Vat. And like I have written in previous blogs before there are 3 times that you could maximize a Mimic Vat.

#1 When an opponent declares an attack

- With the Drowner of Hope and Mimic Vat you could stop 3 creatures that are attacking you!(talk about tentacles and long reach!). 3 creatures? How? So you make a token creature  of the  Drowner of Hope  , meaning that you have 3 slimy eldrazi bodies on the battlefield. You then block 3 of the nastiest of your opponents creatures. The Drowner of Hope and its Scions die but hey better him than you right?

#2 An opponents End of Turn

- When you activate the Mimic Vat and it spews out the beloved Drowner of Hope at the end of turn it actually can attack on your turn.7 points of damage. On your turn you could create another Drowner of Hope token(assuming that you are going for blood here). You now have 14 points of damage at the ready with 2 Drowners and 4 Eldrazi Scions.

Let us say that your opponent has 4 creatures on the battlefield and is down to 10 or less life points. An opponent might be pretty confident in surviving because he still has a lot of blockers. This is where Drowner of Hope will really live up to it's name. You sacrifice 4 Eldrazi Scions Tokens and tap those 4 blockers to have the 2 Drowner of Hope tokens you created give your opponent a tentacled kiss of death. 

So have I changed your mind about the Drowner of Hope? See it rising to Bebebente Singko from Bebebente? Leave me a comment below. Tell me if you have other things in mind for this card. Thanks for reading. 

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