Monday, October 5, 2015

"Pauper Kings:Eldrazi Pauper Stompy"

"Eldrazi Pauper Stompy"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The Eldrazi are running freely on Zendikar and despite best efforts of the allied planeswalkers they remain a big threat on the plane. 

And now back to some more Standard Pauper. Today's decks simply feeds into one of those needs that we had ever since we were early planeswalkers. The Ability to cast big creatures and attack with them too. I present to you Eldrazi Pauper Stompy!

15 x Forests
4 x Evolving Wilds
4 x Fertile Thicket
23 Lands

4 x Blisterpod
4 X Leaf Gilder
4 x Whisperer of the Wilds
4 x Kozileks Channeler
4 x Ruin Processor
2 x Eldrazi Devastator
22 Creatures

4 x Call the Scions
4 x Swell of Growth
4 x Epic Confrontation
3 x Scour from Existence 
15 Spells

This mono green deck also features Evolving wilds to thin out your deck as well as the awesome Common land Fertile Thicket to lower your risk of not getting any land. 

Eldrazi Pauper Stompy basically contains 2 kinds of creatures. Mana Accelerators and The Heavy Hitters. 

For the heavy hitters you have Kozileks Channeler(4/4) , Ruin Processor(7/8) and Eldrazi Devastator (8/9) representing the meanest looking cards you will ever see in Standard Pauper today. Eldrazi Devastator even has trample and would make short work of any blocker if you are able to cast it. By my calculations it could be as early as turn 5! A turn 5 Devastator!

You also have Blisterpod , Leaf Gilder and Whisperer of the Wilds as mana accelerators to fuel out your common brood monsters.Kozileks Channeler also does a double duty as mana producer and attacker when needed.And believe me when you are facing a rush deck that could be stabilized when you have a 4/4 tentacled monster in play it would make you want to kiss this card. Well almost. Unless tentacles are your thing.

The ideal play for this deck would be as follows

Turn#1 Play 1 land , Blisterpod
Turn#2 Play 1 land - 2 land , Leaf guilder , attack with blisterpod(Hope it dies) - 3 mana available 
Turn#3 Play 1 land - 3 land , Leaf guilder , Assuming that Blisterpod is killed - cast Kozileks Channeler for 5 mana- 6 mana available next turn 
Turn#4 Play 1 land - 7 mana available - Scour existence or Ruin Processor.

Now the 4th turn is where the action gets really heavy and what you cast depends on your assessment of the current battlefield situation. Is the cost clear to cast my Eldrazi now? Do I need to wait and see what he will be casting next turn to Scour it from Existence? Do I delay my opponents mana by exiling a land with the same spell? Decisions Decisions. Whatever you decide though it will all start on the 4th turn.

On the early turns make sure that you are attacking with your Blisterpod. Those early points of damage would be telling later on since opponents maybe bloodied enough by this little creature. If an opponent lets the damage through early you could punish them by pumping the Blisterpod with a Swell of Growth for 2 more points of damage and even faster mana acceleration.

Call the Scions is another mana acceleration spell that lets you have more Scions on the ground for early attack or blocking. 

Epic Confrontation is the only other removal in this deck. Use it early to ensure that Blisterpod dies and you get to take one of their annoying creatures or use it late when you have you have your big hitters on the ground to take out one of their big blockers even before attackers are declared.

Will these common titans make the cut in Standard Pauper? I will sure as hell try. Stomping someone Eldrazi style.

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