Monday, October 5, 2015

"Amlodipine:how should I call thee?"

"Amlodipine:how should I call thee?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Confusion  , Fear and Panic are things that do not mix well but they often exist in patients when they are about to be asked about their health.So when I ask patients:

Me: Ano po ang iniinom ninyong maintenance para sa inyong Hypertension?

I expect this response:

"Amlodipine po. 5mg"

Instead I get these answers:

The Switch:

"Amdolipine po!(With feelings ang pagsabi)"

"Amplodipine ata yun..."

The Overdose:

"Amlodipine...500mg po."

The Combo:
"Losadipine yung binigay sa akin na bago..."

"Amlodisartan!(With feelings!)

Sometimes the confusion , fear and panic belong to me since
this is the first time I heard about these drugs...makes me wonder if there is a brand name out there that I haven't come across or a new protocol  haven't heard about.

Turns out we all end up confused till I whip out my Mims.

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