Friday, October 30, 2015

"Pauper Kings: Exploiting Aristocrats 2015"

"Pauper Kings: Exploiting Aristocrats 2015"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Everything has a reincarnation. The old becomes the new and the new becomes the old and then back again. There is a deck archetype called Aristocrats that mainly revolved around creatures dying to sacrifice outlets for added benefits. Mainly in the form of scrying , opponents losing life and you gaining life(Kalastria Highborn) and gaining Indestructibility(Falkenrath Aristocrat). Blood Artist Figures a lot into that lot too. 

So as I was travelling from one clinic to another I  began to think about a pauper version of this particular archetype. The first thing that came to my mind was the recently reprinted Nantuko husk. He is the perfect sacrifice outlet in pauper. A +2/+2 per sacrifice makes him a big monster in no time at all.  So what creatures that are available in standard would make the Husk great? Well the whole crew from the Silumgar of course. When those guys die they give you so much more value.

So here is the deck list:

4 x Evolving Wilds
8 x Swamps
8 x Islands
20 lands

4 x Sidisi's Faithful 
4 x Sultai Emmisary 
4 x Nantuko Husk
4 x Palace Familiar
4 x Qarsi Sadist
4 x Shambling Goblin
24 creatures

4 x Anticipate 
4 x Gripping Chill
4 x Reave Soul
4 x Negate
16 spells

Evolving Wilds makes an appearance here because of its ability to get you the basic land you need(aside from the fact that I have dozens of them lying around). 

The deck revolves around the 3 mana cost Nantuko Husk. He is the most expensive creature in this deck so I think that this deck could be aggressive even in the early turns. So here are what you need to watch out for.

Sultai Emmisary + Nantuko Husk - a +2/+2 to your Husk and the 2/2 card it just manifested could add another +2/+2!
Palace Familiar + Nantuko Husk  - a +2/+2 and  Card draw! Very important in replenishing your hand.
Qarsi Sadist + Nantuko Husk  - a +2/+2 and the qarsi sadist makes a semi blood artist impression by giving you two life points while an opponent loses the same amount. Just so you don't die from the early damages you took.
Shambling Goblin + Nantuko Husk - a +2/+2  and you get to kill a one toughness creature!
Sidisi's Faithful + Nantuko Husk - a +2/+2 and an Unsummon! Perfect for those pesky blockers and creatures that generally want to ruin your day.

So what happens when you don't have a Nantuko Husk in your hand? You don't have to worry since some of these creatures have the means to sacrifice there fellow creatures with Exploit.  Sidisi's Faithful and  Qarsi Sadist can do a great job of killing off their friends for fun and profit. 

Then there is also the inclusion of Anticipate as a card draw. Gripping Chill and Reave soul are the decks threat neutralizers. Negate just so you can say no when your opponent is trying to kill your Beefed Up Nantuko Husk. 

So what do you think of the deck? Would you be exploiting your friends for fun and profit too? Don't you just love the Nantuko Husk? Leave me  a comment below and thanks for reading,

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