Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Standard Pauper: Jeskai Monks by the Cove"

"Standard Pauper: Jeskai Monks by the Cove"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

In the plane of Tarkir the Order of monks known as the Jeskai have been honing their skills to fight a defensive war against the dragons that have lorded over their realm. The brood of Ojutai , an Ice breathing dragon threatens to claim the same territory as the Jeskai. These monks have created techniques to bring down these dragons and I present it here in a standard Pauper decks I would love to call Jeskai Monks by the Cove.

4 x Tranquil Cove
12 x Plains 
 6 x Islands
22 lands

4 x Soul Summons
4 x Raise the Alarm
4 x Write into being
4 x Pressure Point
4 x Gods Willing
2 x  Sandblast
22 Spells

4 x Dragon Bell Monk
4 x Jeskai Windscout
4 x Jeskai student 
4 x Jeskai Sage 
16 creatures

"Time for some Kung-Fu"
The land mix is blue and white , colors that are very cool and pleasing to the eye. What these monks would do however is not at all pleasant especially for those who would be at the receiving end of it.

Included are 4 creatures from Jeskai ,all of which who have prowess , a triggered ability that puts a +1/+1 counter on the creature until end of turn whenever you cast a non-creature spell. There are 22 non-creature spells that is sure to trigger the prowess of an Jeskai Creature in play. Each of the common Jeskai creatures here have different built in abilities such as Vigilance and Flying. Jeskai Sage even has the added advantage of drawing you a card when it dies.

I have counted 16 creatures here but in reality there are 3 spells that give you creatures as well. Raise the Alarm from M15 gives you 2 Soldier tokens while triggering a Jeskai monk while on the attack because it is an instant. Soul Summons and Write into Being which are common cards from Fate Reforged allow you to Manifest or put the top card of your library face down into play. This is a colorless 2/2 creature that could be turned face up if it is a creature card for its mana or morph cost. Soul Summons translates into a vanilla 2/2 creature on turn 2. Write into Being is somewhat more versatile because it gives you a Scry 2 and a creature as well. You even choose which of these 2 cards that you want to manifest and the other goes on top of your library or below it. So you got a creature , got rid of a card you didn't need/kept a card you need and was able to reduce your library so you would be able to access important cards. All of that for 3 mana!

Compared to other decks because of the abundance of 3 mana cost cards this would be a little slow. It does however tend to dish out a ton of damage once it gets going. The ideal turn would consist of Manifesting a creature on your main phase to activate Prowess for your Jeskai creatures , attack with them while having a reactive spell live Pressure Point , Gods Willing or Sandblast in your hand. Pressure Point takes down potential blockers or attackers and nets you a card , Sandblast does the same as well. Gods willing negates blockers by simply going through them because of the protection it gives your creature. All 3 spells trigger prowess just might be the needed boost to end your opponents life.

For a bunch of monks hanging out by a cove these guys sure are a bunch of thugs.


  1. built it loved it i just needed a SB
    but wow ty for sharing this

  2. thanks MAD blogger...yeah I still dont know the current standard Pauper Meta so no SB as of this writing...thanks for reading