Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Pauper Kings:Jeskai Blessed by Thunder"

"Pauper Kings : Jeskai Blessed by Thunder" 
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Welcome to another Standard Pauper brew. Today I wanted to build on the Jeskai mechanic of prowess. While there have been a lot of powerful and fast Prowess cards in Rare and Uncommon. The Common slot has been given quite a few slow choices. So to shore up the attacking nature of this deck I have added some early attackers in the mix so that we could start with the damage early until the Jeskai part of the deck kicks in around the 4th turn.

Ladies and Gentlemen , the Jeskai Blessed by Thunder deck:

4 x Evolving Wilds
4 x Swiftwater Cliffs
2 x Islands
6 x Mountains
6 x Plains
22 lands

4 x Jeskai Student 
2 x Bloodfire Expert 
4 x Jeskai Windscout
4 x Akroan Crusader
4 x Satyr Hoplite
18 Creatures

4 x Titans Strenght
4 x Lightning Strike
4 x Hammer Hand
4 x Void snare
4 x Gods Willing
20 spells

Jeskai Student , Jeskai Windscout and Bloodfire Expert make up for 10 Jeskai Prowess creatures in the deck. For a deck that does not offer any mana acceleration and a mana cost curving up to 3 this could be a bit slow but each of these creatures would be worth it for each card that you would be casting. Of course we don't want to wait for turn three for our threats to come out so I added the Heroic creatures Akroan Crusader and Satyr Hoplite that provide an early target for the 16 spells that I have put in this deck.They also provide the early kicks for the deck so that when the prowess creatures come online they could swarm in and finish off what they started. Especially the Jeskai Windscout who has flying and could normally evade creatures on the ground.

So what do we have in terms of spells to trigger the Prowess ability of these creatures? We have the Titans Strength that gives a temporary 4/1 attack boost to its target creature. A simple Jeskai Student that gets targeted by this Instant becomes a 6/5 creature! Hammerhand has the added bonus of making a creature unable to block so that your creatures could swoop in for tons of damage. And if for some reason your opponents are able to defend against you. A set of Gods willing would let you do damage whenever you like.  Void snare is a defensive sorcery card that lets you return a non-land card to its owners hands. Lightning strike is here to fry creatures and other planeswalkers as well.

So the game plan of the deck is simple. Attack as early as you could and finish with a prowess creature. Most likely something that has been pumped up by the 20 non-creature spells in this deck. With the Jeskai winning left and right in the tournament scene would they be able to conquer the Standard Pauper arena as well? Time to find out for yourself if you too can be blessed by thunder.

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