Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Freyalise, Llanowars Fury: An Elvish block party"

"Freyalise, Llanowars Fury: An Elvish block party"
Virgilio F.De leon Jr.

Green has always been the color of magic associated with efficient mana acceleration and the ability to cast big creatures in a hurry. The news Planeswalker Commander Freyalise embodies this mana production and natural hate for artifice and glamor rolled into one.

Freyalise is the first Green Planeswalker Commander and she just costs 5 mana! A very small amount for the likes of green. I mean a turn one land , sol ring , mind stone play allows you to play her on your turn two land drop.So let us see what she offers us when she lands on the battlefield.

Little Green Men...Everywhere....

So what do you exactly when you are able to play her? You make a lot of Green 1/1 Llanowar Elves which helps you accelerate into even more mana.And that is just her +2 ability. With a starting stat of 3 loyalty counters.While I think that mana producing elves are great,I also would like to say that they are susceptible to removal. The value of this little elves is that most commanders would rather ignore them and just focus on what it is that you are about to cast.If there are four of these guys it doesn't seem much of a threat but if they all tap a Heedless One out or help in Convoking Chord of Calling then things look a bit more troublesome.So don't ignore the little green men , an Elvish Arch druid could make them bigger and tap for more mana or worse , if they get the appropriate numbers they could use Gilt-Leaf Arch Druid and take all of your lands for more nefarious things! And to think that you could keep on casting little elves and produce these tokens and pretty soon you have all these guys ready for an attack or to power out something nastier than themselves.

Axe Grinding against Artifice and Glamor...

The planeswalker commander Freyalise has an axe to grind with enchantments and artifacts.She probably thinks that it isn't natural. She feels so strongly about it that she is willing to lose loyalty points so that she could destroy them. IF you are thinking...Wait a minute , that -2 ability sounds like Naturalize...on a planeswalker. Why would I want to use that Naturalize ability of Freyalise when I could just wait and draw any of my other creatures who have that ability? The reason is that this particular naturalize will always be readily accessible.Freyalise would just be in the command zone waiting to be cast while those other creatures are still lost in your library.EDH decks have a steady staple of Enchantments and Artifacts and some of them are outright abusive when not dealt with the moment they come in.Freyalise would always have something to target with this -2 ability, the thing is would you want her to? Especially when you want her to reach her ultimate ability.

Knowledge of the Woods...

Freyalises ultimate ability answers the question what do you do with tons of mana? And the answer would be to cast more spells.What spells would you cast? Green is not exactly as good in card drawing even if you have cards like Greater good or Life's Legacy or Harmonize. Freyalise and her ultimate ability becomes another option that plays with the other strength of green , the ability to cast many many creatures on a single turn.

Her -6 ability lets you draw a card for each green creature that you control.This ability could probably be activated on the 3rd turn that Freyalise came into play. A turn early if you have a Chain Veil already in play. And she might even survive the activation to create more green elves on your succeeding turns , destroy artifacts and enchantments and draw tons of cards for you.So in Freyalise greens card drawing need is given another option unlike Garruk she comes in from the Command Zone to do your bidding.

Llanowars Fury is beginning to look like Llanowars Elvish party in the making. I mean an elf per turn and you haven't even tapped any land or artifact for mana. Nissa Revane would be happy to join all the fun as well.

Well I guess this is all for today for Freyalise. Time for the Llanowar party to get underway. 

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