Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Nahiri , The Lithomancer:The Deadliest of them all"

"Nahiri , The Lithomancer:The Deadliest of them all"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

A quick glance at all the Equipment cards that have been printed since the time of the Original Mirrodin up to the present reveal one fact , things could get ugly really quickly for your opponent once Nahiri steps out of the command zone.

The Planeswalker Commander of the Mono White Commander deck 2014 , she is revealed to be one of the original planeswalkers that were instrumental in trapping the Eldrazi brood in Zendikar , while we know where Sorin has been in the past couple of years and Ugin , well pretty much is lying still where he is.We didn't really know much about this Kor planeswalker until now and boy is she a really powerful entity that we would want on our side. 

Having a 5 mana cost and starting with 3 loyalty counters for these Planeswalker Commanders is actually a great deal for all the support that they could give you , among all of them I must say that Nahiri would be the most dangerous. Her +2 ability as an opening salvo puts a 1/1 White Kor Soldier on the battlefield and you get to attach an equipment already in play on it for Free! Free! Elbrus , the Binding Blade , Any of the Mirrodin Swords , Batterskull , the Kaldra equipments! Argentum Armor! You all attach these equipments for free(at least one at a time).

And if this threat is not enough Nahiri , The Lithomancer has the -2 ability of putting an equipment from your hand directly into play or an equipment from your graveyard to go back on the battlefield! So if you have any of your equipments destroyed you just use the ability and you reanimate them back. Batterskull in particular comes back with a germ token and is considered a reanimated artifact! And with all the expensive mana costing equipment that you could tutor for in your deck you could just go ahead and put that on the battlefield too while leaving your mana open! The following turn you could activate Nahiri , The Lithomancers first ability and have a Kor Soldier attach the equipment you got for free , for free!

And as if this Equipment shenanigans were not enough , Nahiri , The Lithomancer also has a -10 ultimate ability that lets you have the Stoneforged Blade , an indestructible colorless artifact equipment that gives its equipped creature a +5/+5 stat boost and double strike. Oh and did I mention that its equip cost is Zero? Zip? Nada? You just equip it the moment Nahiri pulls it from some stone. Imagine Batterskull with a 4/4 Germ token getting that +5/+5 stat boost. So it is now a Vigilant , Life linking , Doublestriking 9/9 creature! 18 damage for an opponent if it goes through unopposed and an 18 point life swing in your favor. If you thought battling with the Batterskull was frustrating then , it is doubly frustrating now because it still has its bag of tricks , it could survive mass or spot removal by bouncing right back to your hand and when it lands on the battle field you could have the Stoneforged Blade attach to it again. 

And one last significant thing , the Stoneforged Blade is not a Legendary artifact which means it could be easily copied by the card Masterwork of Ingenuity which I think has the Stoneforged Blade in its illustration! Talk about not so subtle hints.I need my medication. Nahiri is bad for my asthma. 

Don't tell me that I didn't warn you. Among all the Planeswalker Commanders of 2014 Nahiri , The Lithomancer is without a doubt the most dangerous one of all. 

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