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"MTG Team Names:What's in a name?"

"MTG Team Names:What's in a name?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

To spice things up this Sunday(Nov 30 , 2014) up North , Team Organizer St Estrella has announced that there will be  Team Standard. Basically you need to form a team of 3. Players are assigned as A, B and C. Players assigned as A will battle battle other A players. Same with B and C. Suffice to say there will be a point system. The team and the individual players all get special prizes.

As much as I would love to join , I simply cannot be present physically at two places at the same time so in order to help teams I decided to write about naming teams.As there are only a couple of days left before the event let us get right to it. I also wrote this because you might want to form a team some day and find a little stimulation on how to go about in naming that team.

So what is in a name? 

Let me start by telling you the story of Kirk and his Kobayashi Maru test , a starfleet test that was designed to be virtually unwinnable. Kirk managed to rig the test so that with the mere mention of his name , Captain Kirk , his enemies would stand down and assist him. It was a foretelling of what his career would become. Enemies tremble at the sound of his name. Opposing captains would change their decisions based on where Kirk was or what he would do. What is in a name you say? It is how your opponents and friends would know you. It is how your own legend would grow. Regardless if you set out to be a Legend or not your team name will be part of that mythos. So choose wisely.

How to choose a name?

While ST did not set out any specifics for choosing cool names. Here are some tips.

Since magic is a strategy game there are many aspects of war that surface and are a veritable treasure trove of cool , striking names. Hence you have names like Team Arsenal.I have not heard of a Team Warmind just yet but it sounds cool to me and would be great for Teams of a more aggressive nature.Red Horde could fit teams playing RDW.Team Swiftspear fits the bill as well.Team Diadem for example might reflect your tactical prowess.

Choose a name that defines you but I would always vote against a name that is too goofy like Team Pogi or Team Tigang. Later on when your reputation grows people will fear your skills but snigger at your back.

You could choose a personality trait that is common among you. Or a common place that you are from. I think Team Aura is not taken yet if you live near SM Aura. Team Trino seems like a great bet or Team Pag-Asa if you live behind SM North. Although the latter name seems like you would go and save Philippines Eagles rather than play competitive magic but hey if this is what you really feel that your name should be then use it.

You could choose to base your name on a specific mechanic that you like in Magic as well. Team Virulence for example was based on the Infect mechanic from Scars of Mirrodin and I believe that Team Ascension was named after the Ascension card cycle from the Zendikar block.

Science could also hold the name that you are looking for. Team Helix was a cool name during Season 1 of Magic in SM North. Team Nebula , Team Aster,Team Aether are team names that have not been take yet I believe.

Myths and folklore are good sources for name too. I mean you don't even have to look far. Just get something from Theros like Team Hydra! And then whenever you win you could stand up and start saluting each other like crazy while saying "Hail Hydra , Hail Hydra!!!"

Lastly if you still haven't found anything that works for you here. You could try an amalgamation of your names or even words that you like as a team. Or even using anagrams as your team name. Like what Magic did in the card Pemmin's Aura which rearranged properly reads I am Superman.

I hope that I was able help decide on your team names. You might not be able to use it this Sunday at SM North but you might but having a name ready when you need is quite worth. And whatever you do...do not choose Team Tigang...

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