Sunday, November 2, 2014

"It opened the door..."

"It opened the door..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

During my Clerkship years in MCU some of us were assigned to have quarters at the very back of the hospital.An isolated area that could only be accessed by walking through a semi-lighted walk way.This was the original structure of the hospital and for years there were stories that came from this very area. This is one of them.

A rumored couple decided that they would meet in the Interns/Residents quarters one night to talk. The male resident went to the quarters and knocked on the door of the Interns quarters knowing that his girlfriend would be inside waiting for him.Without warning , the door slowly creaked open and peering at him at the level of the door knob was a child. A child who was pale white. It looked straight at him , it seemed to ask him who he was looking for. Aware of the stories that were already circulating about this place the Resident hurriedly closed the door and half ran , half walked away from it. Turning around the corner as he was making his way back towards the hospital he met his girlfriend.

"Akala ko ba maguusap tayo dun?" the girl pointed towards the Interns quarters.

"Sa iba na lang." Was all the resident said as he veered her toward the hospital and away from that place. Puzzled the clerk followed and they found another place away from that room and the ghost who waited to peek at anyone who might come in.

There are many stories like this from the Interns quarters. And since this is the best time of the year to share them. I would be doing so in the coming weeks.

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