Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"The Jeskai Monk from the Bushes"

"The Jeskai Monk from the Bushes"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

She was a small child and in front of her were menacing hulks. From their distinctive markings I knew that they were Orcs from the Mardu clan. What business could they possibly have with a child in tattered clothes like this one?

The Child showed no emotion as the Orcs bellowed obscenities at her , such a distateful display , then again the Mardu was all quick temper and less about diplomacy. The little one was standing firm on the ground.Her feet sinking just a little in the sand where she stood. The massive arms of the orcs were raised in gestures of rage and malice. From where I am hiding I do not need to know the exact words to know that this group of Orcs were out for the childs blood.

I tried not to look at the massacre that would before her but I could not close my eyes. The leader of the War band separated himself from the group in a sudden attack , a swift blow with a massive Axe that could kill the child in an instant but before the sharp edge could reach her the little one turned ever slightly to her left and crouched. The approaching orc was met by an elbow rising from the ground being pushed by the little girls hand upward. I could see the brute flying back in the air, his comrades trying to catch him. It was a fearsome sight seeing this small wonder handily defeat such a brute. 

Then I saw something else , like a cape or a blanket made of what could be darkness and stars flowing from the little girls head , enveloping the area above the Orcs. A ray of pure blue light escaped from the darkness and swept her enemies.Where the blue light hit a puff of smoke would appear and armaments and weapons of steel would fall. When the blue light was gone , all that remained were croaking frogs , it was like some Polymorphists jest , these brutes were now blue frogs with nowhere to go.

The Blue frogs were now looking at the direction of the little girl , where a flood of red flames were now cascading toward them , the reality of the situation dawned on the orc/frogs and they tried desperately to hop away but the pyroclasm passed them anyway. And where the red flames passed only ashes remained.

The darkness disappeared and the little one collapsed. She too have been affected by the flames. I rushed to her and summoned a spell to douse her with water. She did not move so I had to come closer to check on her. She began to cough as I was about to touch her. Sitting down beside her I asked her name. 

She looked at me with a fierce determination that I have never seen from anyone."Narset. My name is Narset"

"Well little one , come with me, I have much to teach you."

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