Sunday, October 19, 2014

"An Open Letter to Newly Sparked Planeswalkers"

"An Open Letter to our Newly Sparked Planeswalkers"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

We were all Newly Sparked once. Someone taught us the game and it stuck through the years with us.I was happy to see a group of these newly sparked when I went to SM North last Sunday. I must commend all the mentors all over our Islands who continue to be patient and excited with the game and show that passion to others who have their own sparks ignited. If you are new to the game or maybe forgot how you were in the beginning. This one is for you.

Dear Newly Sparked Planeswalkers 2014,

By the time you read this you have probably been introduced to the speed and destruction of red , the powerful protection and efficiency of white , the mana acceleration and power of green , the power and disruption of black and the control that embodies blue.

You might be thinking about the decks that you currently have and how to make them stronger. You might be excited to try every thing new, you might be thinking of looking online , getting a deck that is currently making the rounds in the various competitions. I suggest that you don't until you are ready. 

You might be thinking that you are way ahead of your group in terms of learning curve and abilities but do not be in a hurry to be proven wrong. If you are proven wrong do not be discouraged because every player goes through their first rude awakening sooner or later. Always remember that while winning is part of the game , losing is part of it too and this is the true test that every magic player goes through.

Never be afraid to lose.What do you do after a defeat? Do you fold and curse your inexperience? Do you blame the weakness of the deck that you thought was stronger than most? Do you quit or do you regroup and fight another day? In your communities you see a lot of people playing in Standard. These are the tough ones. They are the ones who earlier in their magic life said , I am weak but I will not remain weak.These are the people who will teach you how it is to be strong in the current environment.

Never be afraid to ask.You might also see the people who play Modern , EDH and Standard Pauper , Modern Pauper, Classic Pauper or even Legacy. You might think that these maybe people who do not want to go into standard because of fear or lack of resources. A quick glance at their decks would show you that these people have a long history of knowledge of the game , so that they could pull off combos that have been around since the beginning and refine it so that they are still relevant until now. You might think that these are merely weekend warriors who might lack the passion you have for the game. These are people who keep coming back despite the things that life has strewn in their way. Family obligations or who they are in every day life and such do not deter their passion in any way. Each of them could link you to the past of the game so that you might come to understand the Magic that you are now beginning to love.Never be afraid to ask them.

Never be afraid to experiment. Magic currently has 11,000 or more individual pieces and there will be a lot of things that even you could discover and share. Magic as a community never has a shortage of mentors but there is however a shortage of time. Consider yourself lucky since you were introduced by someone who has passion for the game. 

Never be afraid to fall behind. Growth rates are different for everyone. People who have natural talent for the game get introduced to it and compete right away but this is always the exception rather than the rule. So do not feel bad if others streak through learning curves and you struggle through yours. Trudge on , Learn and be strong.

As a last note , always have fun , you might have negative experiences as you grow in the community and in this game but all these things will pass. There are hundreds of Magic players all over our very shores and you will meet friends who will last you your entire lifetime. You might also meet your nemesis among those hundreds,welcome that probability too because these are people who could push your game in directions that you might not have even imagined. Do not be afraid of the unknown. Things have a matter of setting things straight as you continue. Play. Play until the very last card has been drawn , play until the last turn has passed. Laugh and shake your opponents hands.

Welcome to the game of magic , keep on playing , keep on brewing.



  1. This is a good read and just shared this with a student of mine. Keep those stories and anecdotes coming! ^_^

  2. Thanks Raven. I am happy to be able to write again. And play again too hahahaha