Sunday, October 5, 2014

"The Girl Shadow"

"The Girl Shadow"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

There are stories that I keep from my wife and daughter. This is one of those stories that I do not want my daughter Aven to know. Ever since she was a kid she has been sensing things around her and I have always told her that if it something that could be explained logically then it is not a ghost. Lately though she has been feeling something in the set of stairs leading to our home.Sometimes logic fails and what remains is the truth.

This happened a couple of weeks back , a Saturday. I was on my off and it was around 10 in the morning. We were going down the stairs to go to the mall to buy a couple of things for Aven. There was nothing unusual about this day because like I said it was just one of days off.

I went ahead because I wanted to make sure that the car was already cool by the time Aven and Steph got there. I stopped at the stairs because Aven was calling to me. Aven ran toward me and she was asking me something when I noticed the shadow that she was casting right above me. It was her head and the pigtails that her mom had done for her on that day. Again nothing unusual. Up until that time when her mom called her back to the house so that she could put perfume on her. Aven was gone , her shadow had stayed. I had to look at it and I had to look further up to see if something else was causing the shadow. Another person who was standing high up. There was nothing there. There was no one there. The shadow did not move.

Aven and Steph went to join me.Rushing because they wanted to go out early and go home early as well. The shadow was still there. Her head and her pigtails stayed put as we went down to go where we were supposed to go. I still don't feel anything when I pass by those same set of stairs but I a beginning to suspect that something is really there.

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