Sunday, October 5, 2014

"The girl by the stairs..."

"The girl by the stairs..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I do not know why but a lot of weird things happen in stairs. Now in the house the we currently live in I do not actually feel anything malevolent but there have been stories. I have written about the furniture that have been moving in what was supposed to be a vacant room. The room was directly above us so it was hard not to notice.

However the stairs leading to the 2nd floor of our house has a story of its own. I would like to go into the first story today. Our house is a dormitory/Condo type place where there are 3 doors per floor. We had several caretakers who took care of the place and it was normal for some students to linger in this particular area. No one hung out there anymore after this story.

It started when one of the caretakers , Ate Angie was cleaning from the bottom of the stairs and moving up. On the landing of the stairs she saw someone who looked like one the students , a slim girl who had long black hair who was wearing a white dentistry uniform from Our Lady of Fatima University. This girl was facing the well and when Ate Angie called to her she did not answer. The caretaker and this girl often greeted each other so Ate Angie was a bit surprised that the girl did not answer and continued to walk up the stairs. Since she was still busy with her chores the caretaker said that she would just talk to her later. 

She was so shocked when she turned to put her cleaning equipment away. The same girl was just entering the gate and just came home. 

"Di ba nakauwi ka na?"

"kakarating ko lang po." was all the girl said. 

Ate Angie then told the her about the doppelganger who just went up the stairs. There were no other tenants who fit the description.No other visitors during that day. When they looked at the CCTV footage there was a shot of the caretaker looking up the stairs but no one was there. Word spread quickly. Students don't linger near those stairs anymore and the room nearest the place close their door all the time.

I have not seen the same girl but I have seen something else there...

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