Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Pauper Kings:Temur , From the Snow 2014"

"Pauper Kings:Temur , From the Snow 2014"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

When I first set eyes on the Temur clan all I could think about was that.Man , that place where there are is awfully cold. Snow constantly around them , hiding them and allowing them to make surprising attacks of unmatched savagery. This Coming from the Snow Pauper deck plays on the theme that morph and the hidden creatures in the snow of the Temur just feels right here.Temur,From the Snow. 

4 x Evolving Wilds
6 x Islands
6 x Forests
6 x Mountains
22 Lands

4 x Elvish Mystic
4 x Embodiment of Spring
4 x Glacial Stalker
4 x Woolly Loxodon
3 x Snowhorn Rider
3 x Frost Lynx
20 creatures

4 x Lightning Strike
4 x Void snare
4 x Force Away
4 x Savage Punch
16 spells

Elvish Mystic and Embodiment of Spring are going to be standard mana acceleration cards for standard pauper for a long time to come and it is no surprise why they are both here. I mean look at Embodiment of Spring , that guy is just standing around in snow!

The magic number here is actually three mana because there is a whole slew of big Morph creatures. The snow hides their true forms but they are all huge when turned face up. Glacial Stalker at 4/5 , Woolly Loxodon at 6/7 and the Snowhorn Rider at 5/5. Frost Lynx further adds to the freezing cold them and acts as control , making sure that one of your opponents creatures do not untap during the next untap step.

Since the creatures are so huge and could easily be turned face up because of the abundance of mana here it is not surprising that this deck accomplishes a lot of face smacking but just in case the massive creatures are not enough Void snare and Force Away act as removal. The former being a cheap one at one mana and the former even acts as a card draw when Ferocious is activated on it. Savage Punch is also great here since creatures this huge fighting other creatures will be sure to kill them. Lightning Strike acts as a removal as well while also allowing you to kill someone when your creatures could not.

I do enjoy control while having savage beasts beating on your opponents. An aspect that I have learned to love from the Simic. Temur with its great mix of big creatures and control cards seem like a very exciting mix to play.So go ahead. Reach out from the Snow and Claw someone.

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