Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Dark Mysteries:The Men from the Sea"

"Dark Mysteries:The Men from the Sea"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I believe that every coastal town has a story about men coming from the river or the sea to abduct women and then drag them off to some mystical place. I never thought I would be part of such an event.

When I was still a young boy and my mom was finishing her Pharma degree in CEU we got invited to stay at one of her classmates house in Batangas. Batangas has some of the most wonderful beaches and we would be staying the whole weekend in one of them.My moms classmate turned out to be a daughter of the mayor of the place and they had a very nice house that was situated fronting the beach. Since there were a lot of threats to the mayors life and the group consisted mostly of College girls guards were assigned to safeguard the place.

It was a very nice house as I remembered. Wide Screen doors opened to a receiving area that had a square pit that had a fire burning on it. It was dug through the sand and made the place warm despite the cold winds from the sea. Rooms were assigned. My Mom and I were placed in the room on the left corner of the house. There was the normal drinking and chatting for the whole stay until midnight where everyone seemed to have retired to the different rooms.

Then something happened, there was a commotion from the receiving area where the guards who were armed with M16 rifles were staying.Some of them were shouting, And I was able to look out from the room to see someone who seemed to be their leader pointing in different directions. Some of them were aiming their guns at the door , toward the sea.

One of the guards went to the rooms and asked us to stay inside until they were able to sort everything out. My mom and I were joined by several of her classmates in our room. They turned off all the lights. The window of our room faced a sand dune.It was sort of pretty during day time. Then one of my moms classmates saw someone climbing down the dune and walking toward us. It was a man and from the looks of it he was wearing clothes that were soaked through. Like a denim jacket or shirt that was already dark. He went near our window and my moms classmate screamed. One of the guards went to our side of the house and the man walked away calmly.

Later on the guards would say that there was a group of men who came out of the ocean and started walking toward the house. Those same people would encricle the house , did not respond to their request of identifying themselves. The guards trained their guns on them. These men from the sea left as sudden as they came.walking calmly toward the sea, without any swimming gear on them at all. They would disappear within the waves carrying with them a mystery that remains unanswered until this day.

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