Monday, September 1, 2014

"What if Godzilla was a Zombie?"

"What if Godzilla was a Zombie?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

The Kaiju Godzilla has always had an awesome reputation. After watching the latest Godzilla movie which went more on a Japanese pace rather than a hollywood one I got to wondering what it would be like if this behemoth would somehome become infected. What would happen if he  became a zombie.I am not sure how it would happen because it would take an awful lot of undead to get through that awfully thick scaly hide. The undead would literally be biting more than they could chew on this one.Unless one of them was able to climb up to Godzillas head and bite him in the eye.

So what would happen if Godzilla became a zombie Horde of one?

- I guess the first thing we would hear is the Haunting Godzilla Moan instead of the powerful Godzilla roar.
- If he would rise up from the sea we would be overwhelmed by waves of floating undead flesh. Flesh that has been falling off the giant Kaiju for days and weeks at a time. These things would herald Godzillas coming since they would precede him for days or even weeks at a time.
- The health hazard that would be caused by these massive contaminated Kaiju flesh is cause for concern as it would kill off any eco system in its immediate vicinity causing a downward spiral of things of epic proportions. So many species would be wiped out even before Undead Godzilla had the chance to even wade to our shores

So what would happen?

- Well imagine this , a regular zombie craves for brain tissue and human flesh pretty much 24/7 and once it has its fill of human flesh it goes off looking for more.Hunger is all that matters to eat. Simply insatiable. Now you need to multiply that 100,000 times and you would begin to understand why Zombie Godzilla is an extinction level event all of his own. What a 200 feet undead monster would do is make hundreds of people disappear with each chomp. Populations would cease to exist in no time at all and when he is done with a particular place he just giant shambling walks his way to the next town, city or island of delicious living morsels until everyone is simply gone.

The terror scenario does not stop there though. Imagine if another Kaiju decided to show up. Another monster. 2 things could happen

- First is that Godzilla would eat that other Kaiju all up
- Second and more frightening is that Godzilla just takes a chunk out of the other Kaiju and infects it as well. Great, another undead 200 feet monster on our hands. Fantastic!

A recent study has found that earth is now on the brink of another Mass Extinction level event. We don't know what kind of time frame we have left but surely Undead Godzilla would reduce that time frame significantly.A couple of weeks by himself? A couple of days if he infects another monster? Mankind is doomed!

Is there hope? Why yes! and No...

Hope will always spring eternal. The normal undeads weakness would be undead Godzillas weakness as well. If an Army Artillery assault/Missile Strike/Nuclear Strike could manage to damage his Kaiju brain or severe his head then we could be rid of this undead menace.And that is a big If. Zombie Godzilla might not be as smart as when he was alive but those armor scales on his body would still be tough. Waiting for it to rot all off would take centuries.Mankind would not have the luxury of time here.

Someone ought to have deep drilling missiles already drafted somewhere.And like the threat of the undead people would scoff at the notion until they hear an undead behemoth moaning in that mindless drone that zombies do in their cities. Time to build a really deep under ground bunker or better yet time to get off planet.

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