Monday, September 22, 2014

Tomb of the Spirit Dragon:Buying Time"

"Tomb of the Spirit Dragon:Buying Time"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

As a Magic player there comes a time when you grasp certain themes and run away with it like , Hey I would love to build an all artifact deck and then throw in a lot of affinity creatures or Hey , there are tons of morph cards and maybe I could build around Morph and have tons of colorless creatures and be sneaky overall.So you establish these decks and then as the new sets come in you begin to notice that there will be cards that fit the things that you already have.Like Tomb of the Spirit Dragon for example. A card that someone looked at , scratched their head and asked what the heck this land is for?

It is a non-basic land that produces colorless mana and has the activated ability of gaining 1 life for each colorless creature that you control , for a measly activation cost of 2 colorless mana. Morph is the returning mechanic of this block and its abundance even in the common slots would allow you have tons of life indeed.Tomb of the Spirit Dragon is not only perfect for a morph deck it is also perfect for Heavy artifacts deck or colorless token decks. A lot of life gain there as well.

In standard why do you need the extra life for? Well , if you plan on playing clan wedges then things would be a bit slow and once you face aggressive creatures especially in the early stages of the game the life gain would come in handy to negate all the life loss. Tomb of the Spirit Dragon buys you time so that you could turn your Thousand Winds face up or that you could get your combos into place. So as you can see Tomb of the Spirit Dragon is a perfect fit for the slow pace of the new environment. Never underestimate the annoying recuperative powers of gaining life. 

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