Monday, September 1, 2014

"The things you find when opposites attract"

"The things you find when opposites attract"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Since I work in clinics all around the metro , I find myself in public most of the time.Travelling from here to there and getting tired in the process. In contrast my wife on the other hand who works in an Online company at home only gets to see her office desk and the 4 walls of our house. When the weekend rolls around we find ourselves wanting 2 different things.My wife who has been cooped up in the house the whole week wants to go out and me who has been travelling left and right just want to stay home , put my feet up , not talk to people , not rush into traffic and just mainly sleep.

The result of the things I want is a long boring weekend. I really dont mind though because it means I am relaxing for the coming week. I find nothing wrong with a looong boring weekend. I really dont need the stimulation. I need hibernation. It's just that my wife goes a little cabin crazy when she has been in the house for so long(5 days is 5 days too many in her book).

So like any loving Husband would do , I get up , forego sleep and rest and we head out. Now here is the interesting part. It has been 3 weeks and we have been to placed that we have never been before , eat things we have never eaten before , my wife has realized that she could be a great navigator(thanks Google maps!) , Aven found that she enjoyed road trips as long as there is food and me , I found that sleep is for mortals. We saw a lot of possibilities as we drove around the metro. 

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