Monday, September 1, 2014

"Cubicle Bones"

"Cubicle Bones"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

I recently started working for a Medical company that occupied a building complex in the heart of Makati City. Since it is a special kind of work that could be done after office hours , I decided to stay until midnight. At around 10 in the evening I had to go to the bathroom and on my first night in the place meet one of its unknown inhabitants. As welcomes go this was less chilling but more surprising.

The company was situated in the third floor of this building. When you got off the elevator you could go to the left and find the female comfort room or you could go straight and head towards male comfort room. I found myself rushing towards that room to answer natures incessant call. When I entered I didn't see anything different about the place. There were 2 or 3 urinals on the right and 3 cubicles on the left. In front of the cubicles was a lavatory and a long wall mirror. 

I hurriedly went to an empty urinal. When I was done I looked at the long wall mirror and saw something move in the middle cubicle. From where I was standing it looked liked a huddle naked figure. It looked all skin and bone as it sat down on the floor near the toilet bowl. It's head was bowed low and it's arms were wrapped around itself. I knew that it was not human and I was looking at it for a long time. I sensed more movement and its head slowly began to rise. I tried to walk calmly but my head turned so abruptly that I almost hit the wall on my way out.So much for walking calmly out I said to myself but I was able to go out of that place.I never turned back.

I still work at the place because the schedules are good and flexible. Nothing has changed. Except for the fact that I use the Ghost Free 1st floor lobby bathroom now after that first night. 


  1. What will you do if there's also one in the first floor washroom? Ya know, just a surprise? Hahaha. :P

  2. There is a whole parking lot of cars just a few feet away...