Monday, August 11, 2014

"The reason why your Guild Crossed the Road..."

"The reason why your Guild Crossed the Road..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

In the game of magic there are a lot of mysteries. Things that will never be answered , Like how many planes actually exist? Are there other being other than the Eldrazi floating around in the blind Eternities? Why can't everyone have a spark?

I would love to leave that to other great thinkers for today , I would just love to answer the question , why did your guild cross the road?

1) Why did the Orzhov cross the road?
- Because he thought he saw someone who owed him money...

2)Why did the Gruul cross the road?
- Lunch

"Mmmmm....Ham and Eggs!!!!"
3)Why did the Simic cross the road?
- Someone looked liked the could sure use a good mutation over there...

4) Why did the Boros cross the road?
- Order here. Chaos there. Go figure.

5) Why did the Azorius cross the road?
- Someone was willing to listen there about Article 7 , section 79...(I don't even know what that is)

6)Why did the Dimir cross the road?
- The sooner you don't know about it , the better off you will be.

7) Why did the Rakdos cross the road?
-Because Victims...err...spectators were less on this side of the road...

8) Why did the Izzet cross the road?
- In search of Shinier parts...

9) Why did the Selesnya cross the road?
- Because it needs more members, saprolings are great but they don't seem to listen..

10) Why did the Golgari cross the road?
- That compost heap was starting to look like it had potential..

So there you have it. The reason why your Guild Crossed the Road...

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