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"Standard Pauper: Whelming White Weenies 2014"

"Standard Pauper: Whelming White Weenies 2014"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

M15 has got me brewing over time again. There is simply too many pieces available to ignore. This particular deck which I would like to call Whelming White Weenies or WWW is an update to my "I'd Tap that" Deck with the addition of one more component. Convoke.

Due to the return of this mechanic plus cards like Raise the Alarm, Triplicate Spirits and Ornithopter which are available in the common slot we could now see several cards landing on the battle for free , on the back of the fervent wishes of the other creatures on the battlefield. Here is where WWW will try to stand out. Now on to the deck list.

22 X Plains

4 X Yoked Ox
4 X Selfless Cathar
4 X Court Street Denizen
4 X Soul Mender
4 X Azorius Arrester
4 X Ornithopter
3 X Will Forged Golem
28 creatures

4 X Raise the Alarm
4 X Triplicate Spirits
2 X Sanctified Charge
10 spells

4 X Revoke Existence
4 X Oppressive Rays
4 X Pillar of Light
3 X Keening Spirit

 As you can see this is a weenie deck , a deck that has a lot of cost effective creatures. In the early turns of the game the point is to get as many creatures on the battlefield as you can. There are 12 , 1 mana cost creatures in this deck as well as as a set of the 0 to cast Ornithopter. What this means is that with a god draw of 4 ornithopters , 2 lands and a Will Forged Golem you could actually cast the latter on turn 2. Turn 3 means that you are going to town with a 4/4 creature that none of your opponents could respond to(hopefully). An exciting thought that I had carried with me since I got two Will Forged Golems during my M15 PR game.

Now , the biggest concern is that being weenies with 1/1 tokens or even 0/2 we seem to be lacking a lot of teeth here.Not enough bite. Not as efficient in killing as the Boros or most Mono Red decks in Standard Pauper so I decided to beef up the support here. Selfless Cathar could help out in Convoke early and then could die for the team to give each creature a +1/+1 boost. If you already have creature advantage and believe me in this deck you will have creature advantage with sheer numbers alone. 10 creatures unblocked is 20 damage. Or let us say you only have 7 creatures and cast this...(put Sanctified Charge)

Yup , a single Sanctified Charge could sour your opponents mood in the end game at instant speed. 2 different scenarios would present itself here. (1)If they become too confident that their 3/3 creatures could kill your weak looking 1/1 tokens and block , the +2/+1 stat pump and First strike would be enough to wipe out their board of bigger creatures.  or (2) of they become complacent that your 6 1/1 weenies would not be able to kill them this turn because they still have 18 life then they should guess again. Sanctified Charge would give you the finishing blow that you need. All of a sudden the 1/1's are 3/2's. All 18 points hitting home. And here is to hoping that you catch your opponent off guard and guessing.

Court Street Denizen(CSD) also makes an appearance here partly because she is a personal favorite and partly because I may have hoarded way too many copies of her(they are all precious). Azorius Arrester also comes back to combo with the CSD for that tapping that I have grown to love. As an additional battle trick , Raise the Alarm interacts well with the CSD , you could tap 2 creatures before they could attack and have 2 tokens ready on your turn. Triplicate spirits could let you tap 3 creatures on your turn(as it is a sorcery) and let a bunch of yout attackers through. Maybe even giving you the chance of a coup de grace when you need it.While CSD cannot be activated by Ornithopter and Will Forged Golem that is not really their purpose in this deck. 

"Im Orni , Orni, Orni,Orni..."
So there you have it the WWW deck which promises a White Wave to topple all of your enemies. Check it out for yourself and see you in a Standard Pauper game soon. 

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