Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"MICU Bed-A"

"MICU Bed-A"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

When I was still a Medical Clerk at MCU-FDTMF one of the regular places that I would find myself in was the Medical Intensive Care Unit. This was due to the fact that there was a lot of admissions that were sent to the ICU for close monitoring and I believe there was literally an order on the chart that said "Hook to JI , until mechanical ventilator arrives." So going to the MICU meant that I could rest my tired hands from all that bagging and feel something again in my hands. You think relief would be one your dominant feeling but the MICU always instilled a little fear in you. Most of the patients sent there were on the brink of death and while many were revived to live normal lives again there was the unfortunate few who would never leave that place. Ghost stories abound about this place and one involves around the MICU Bed-A which one senior nurse had told me was the place where a lot of lives ended. People literally expired on MICU Bed-A. I do not hold any particular importance to this bed , I do not think it sucks the life out of people. I just know that it seems to be the most farthest bed in that ward.

It was located at the far end of the room. At the head of the bed was the normal ICU monitoring equipment, at its left side was a small faucet and at its foot was a small toilet room. The stories about this bed come from the nurses who rotated themselves. Some of the events involving bed-A include the following

1) The small faucet turning on and off by itself. There was no patient in the area when these events would occur. 
2) There were times that the MICU was almost empty , nurses would then hear the toilet bowl flushing at the foot of the bed.
3) And the creepiest story is that involving a girl who would peer from the drapes dividing MICU bed-A and MICU bed-B. People could not agree on what she looked like but they all agree that it was the same creepy looking girl in a hospital gown who would peer at the nurses while they were looking after the patients.

There was a nurse on duty who checked on the adjoining bed and felt someone looking at her. She thought it was her imagination until she turned and saw the girl staring right back at her. She refused to check on that bed again for the rest of her duty.

In my own time in the MICU , I was able to feel a strange heaviness on Bed-A. Maybe it was just the negative energy related to death. Fortunately the girl did not manifest herself to me. Hopefully she never does.

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