Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Midweek Magic July 2017 #23 - The Second Sun Approaches"

"Midweek Magic July 2017 #23: The Second Sun Approaches"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

My Bant woes continue as I try and prove that my kookie deck build of Gods and Planeswalkers will work. The last time I used it it lacked win conditions and removal for other planeswalkers which is constantly increasing in our little playgroup now with Yo playing a Liliana Vess that gives really bad results for everyone else except him.

So in my continuing need to improve the deck I added the Approach of the Second Sun(mainly because I found it among my laboratory piles and mostly because I just like it and have not been playing white for some time). Most of the full art lands and dual lands of my deck are from Amonkhet and I felt like at least aesthetic wise the Approach fits the deck and it also gives me an alternate win condition. With the amount of card draw that I have in this deck like Serum Visions , Explore and Kiora it was easy to eventually draw my single copy out of 60 individual pieces. All I need is one anyway.

I was able to do so in the last 2 games that I played and was able to cast it too. I began counting 6 cards from my library and put the Approach on the 7th slot from the top. I noticed something really interesting in seeing this card . it had a psychological effect of impending doom even if it was 6 cards deep in your library.It seemed to affect opponents even if they may not admit it outright ,it seems to tell them that they better finish you off or come hell or high water the 2nd Sun will make sure that you win the game regardless of their superior board position or life points over you. 

You can count it card by card as the doom approaches as I would cycle or draw or scry nearer to the end. 2 things brought me to my end though. 

1) The inability to have my gods become creatures. Yup. I was simply lacking enough permanents to make them real creatures that could hurt my opponents. It does not matter if Ephara , Kefnet , Karametra and Heliod are all on the board. They simply will not make each other come alive. And that makes me very dead. 

2) I am also very vulnerable to discard spells like Duress and such since I do not have graveyard recursion. Time to bring in some Elixirs and probably a little Fog magic like Ram has been telling me for two straight days.

I will try and put in the changes as I do not want to give up on this deck before I move on to my next deck which is an Abzan counter deck for Modern with Skull Briar again. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that the adjustments will work.I hope that this will not be the end into my forays into Bant Magic as I might totally abandon the idea for awhile if I do not see any improvements. 

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