Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Liliana Deaths Majesty: Reanimation is a thing again"

"Liliana Deaths Majesty: Reanimation is a thing again"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Now that she is on the plane of Amonkhet seeking out the third demon whom she wants to break her contract with it seems that Liliana is once again making zombies among other things.

Liliana Deaths majesty is a mythic planeswalker for 5 mana and a starting loyalty counter of 5 as well. She once again makes a case for reanimation in a plane that is just teeming with zombies and somewhere where life and death seem like a natural progression that she fits in so easily. So let us look at all the necromantic goodness that our dear Lili has for us this time around.

Her first ability a +1 and lets you create a 2/2 Zombie creature token. You then put the top two cards for your library into your graveyard. You hope that you get something substantial in your graveyard like a good Golgari would wish for. Thank of it as a Library fuel for her second ability. 

The second ability is a -3 that lets you put a creature from your graveyard to the battlefield  , that creature is a black zombie creature in addition to it's other types. Can somebody say Eldrazi Zombie? because that is the first that comes mind right about now. Or how about Zombie Construct? Verdurous , Noxious or even Torrential Gearhulk seems like a very good target don't you think? And if you are playing in those combination of colors why not?

Now that you have managed to put zombies and more zombies on the battlefield with Liliana what else can you do to tip the odds in your favor. Why by destroying your opponents army with Liliana's ultimate ability. A -7 that let's you wipe the board of non-zombies. Hold on to that little celebration dance though.Of course there might be a little draw back here since Amonkhet is the same plane that makes embalmed zombies roam on it like it was as common as sand. 

If you also run into a mirror match with anybody using zombies heavily then you would be out of luck using this ability.

Of course this will not stop me with playing with Liliana if I do get her in my PR kit. I mean who would not want to make zombie gods and zombie gigantic wurms. Despite the looming drawback with the final ability I am still on board because this is a repeatable zombify for 5 mana.  

Time to check out the full spoiler and brew just a little bit more.

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