Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Approach of the Second Sun: The Hour is Upon Us."

"Approach of the Second Sun: The Hour is Upon Us."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Approach of the Second sun has been intriguing me since it was first spoiled. I have thought of the many ways that I could abuse it and one of them is to include it in my Tron Deck for another Alternate win condition. I wonder it would fit in nicely though since the whole point of the Tron deck is to control the battlefield and not allow anything except those that I want to live to remain. Hmmmm. 

It is too bad that Cloudpost has been banned in modern because it could have been another shell that this would go into. I find myself looking at Geeen as the possible means to catch it such as Cryptolith Rites deck or just really good ramp decks that have a splash of white. Selesnyan decks would also find a good place for this alternate win condition. 

The 7 mana cost sorcery requires you to cast it from your hand and if you have cast another sorcery with the same name this turn you win the game. Otherwise you will get a second chance of casting this potential game winning spell because you will gain 7 life and put it in your library 7 cards deep. So in exactly 7 draws you will have a chance to draw it again. Hmmm interesting.

Nicol Bolas and his horns are feature prominently in the art of this card and it makes me wonder what would happen story wise should the 2nd Sun approach and connect with the other sun. 

I am still searching for a solid way to abuse this but I am intrigued by it's possibilities.

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