Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"The Dust Explosion"

"The Dust Explosion"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

The last of the pillars of what was the indoor set of Oh my Dolls latest MV fell to the ash covered ground. It was with great effort that V , Blue and Red managed to get everyone out of the building in time.

Shock had set in and people were looking at each other for answers. People were touching themselves to check if they were still all in one piece and some were trying to reach love ones to tell them that they were ok. Noran had already jammed all the phone signals coming from the place to protect the master and his secret but the people still could not believe how they could have escaped from this explosion unscathed.

The now 7 members of Oh My Doll huddled together on the dusty street , their white flowing dresses now blackened by soot and  being turned into a dull brown at the hems by the dust of the road. None of them were speaking as they held tight to each others arms.

The PD and the camera crews were scratching their heads at what to do.It had taken them the better part of the week to build that set from scratch and it was now gone in an instant. V hated stepping in  and using his powers but this stage was important to YuuA and the continuation of his plans.

"We will call this a dust explosion." He said in his low , almost growling voice that commanded respect. "We would do a press release that everyone is ok and that the MV shoot will continue."

All heads turned to him as if he grew 3 horns and heads at the same time.

"That is impossible! We simply could not finish. It took almost a week to build everything! Plus all our equipment was burned in there!" The people started to pour their disbelief.

V looked on at the ruin. "Everyone calm yourselves. Let us break for lunch. PD, bring them all to a restaurant somewhere. Give me two hours."

The tall reed like PD shook his head. "I don't really know what you are planning to do but...I have seen you do so many things that I will do as you ask."

V gave a nod to the PD and to the girls who suspected what the dragon would be doing. YuuA looked at him and knew what it was that he was planning she smiled at him despite her fear.

When everyone was gone the ever scowling Blue came up to her master and said , "Is it wise to use your powers in this way master?"

"The plan is close to fruition and this needs to be done so that we could move forward." The Dragon said while rolling up his sleeves. "Step back. I need to build up some energy to do this."

Blue did so and watched from a distance as her master did something that only those closest to him could witness. Seemingly with his will and a few hand gestures the ashes climbed and formed timbers and timbers formed pillars and those that were eaten by the flames reformed to what they were previously , slowly and with much force matter clumped together to form the building that was once there and everything that was in it. V did this until the last speck of dust was restored to where it was prior to the explosion. To anyone who witnessed it they would not have suspected that this was merely a pile of rubble a few minutes ago.

Blue looked on in awe at what his master had restored. With his memory he had done what seemed like an impossible thing. This was merely one of the Creation dragons power.

V sat cross legged on the street and Blue once again came to offer him a towel for the sweat that was now escaping from every pore of his body.

"Magnificent Master." Blue said , "I expect you to get a lot of loving tonight."

"You know I didn't do it for that Blue."

"I know. But I believe you will still have it nonetheless." Blue grinned.


The MV shooting continued with no more delays when the crew returned. The PD made the people sign non-disclosure waivers which they gratefully signed knowing quite well that no one would believe them if they told anyone anyway. They looked at the tall , weird looking man they called V and found something there that they could trust not fear.